Emma's Cues

Emma has learned cues throughout her training and will continue to throughout her working career.  We are not going for a record number of learned cues since many of these cues can be combined, like Left Around and Right Around for going around something in a certain direction.  What we are doing is building a working vocabulary for Emma that will make it possible to learn new behaviors based off of known ones when they are needed.

The Basics

Cue Meaning
Emma Turn and look at who called my name and give eye contact (focus)
Leave It Turn away and don't touch, pick up or sniff what I am looking at.
Sit Fold up my back legs and put my bottom on the ground
Down Put my elbows, belly and hips on the ground
Off Get off of what I am on
Come Run to my handler when my name is called or they say Come
Settle Settle down and relax
Stand Stand in place without moving my feet/stand up without stepping forward or backward or sideways
Back Step back several steps
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
Around Go around something
Stay Don't move or change position
Wait Puase but I can change position
Let's Go Start walking with my handler
Go to Mat Go to a mat and lay on it until released
Crate Get in my crate
Load Up Jump in Car, on scale or in tub
Heel Move to my handler's left side and face the same way they are
Side Move to my handler's right side and face the same way they are
Front Sit in front of my handler facing them
Rattle Shake off as if to release tension or remove water from my fur
Potty Go to the bathroom when told

Service Dog Cues

Cue Meaning
Take It take what is offered in my mouth
Hold It Hold the item in my mouth
Give It Give the item in my mouth
Get It Pick something up and give it to my handler
Bring It Bring what I have to my handler
Look Look at my feet or on the floor for something to pick up
Leash Pick up my leash and give it to my handler
Pull Pull something with my mouth
Push Push something with my nose
Close It Close something with my nose
Paw Give my paw or put my paw on something
Touch Put my nose on something
Light Turn on or off a light
Find It Find something
Go A moving command like "Go Give to" for delivering notes or giving an item to someone
Go In Go under a table or in my crate or even through tubes for agility
Shoes Go get my handler's shoes
Socks Remove my handler's socks
Basket Put an item into a basket or trashcan
Keep Going Keep looking for an item
That's It Found item, wait for instructions
Step Up/In step onto or into something
Get Help Carry a bringsel to the first person I can find to tell them my handler needs help
Show Me Lead the person back to my handler
Paws Up Put my paws up on something
Make Bed Pull covers to head of bed
Turn Down Pull covers away from head of bed


Cue Meaning
Shake Give my paw to someone so they can shake it
High Five Touch someones palm with my paw
Tada! Take a bow

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